Improve Horse Riding Experience

When it comes to riding, there is always room for development. You’d be surprised at how much you can do to make your horse’s riding experience better.

Take your horse’s preferences into consideration

When we consider how horses feel, they frequently like us better and cooperate more. Be willing to change your training routine to accommodate your horse’s preferences, and he will thank you. This does not imply that you should let your horse do whatever he wants; rather, it is a compromise that benefits both sides.

Of course, getting to know your horse and what he appreciates is necessary. Try to pay attention to what your horse says about the riding you’ll be doing together in the coming weeks.

If your horse enjoys a certain exercise, do it more often! If he enjoys working in a group, let him! Include feeding pauses on your trail rides as a treat if he’s a foodie.

Change things up a bit

Adding variety to your horse’s training ensures that he is engaged and attentive while working. There will be no dull, repetitive work for him, so he will want to ride even more!

If feasible, alternate between arena work and trail riding. Lunging, flatwork, pole work, figures, transitions, and leaping are just a few of the activities available in the arena. You can also switch back and forth between working alone and collaborating with others.

Establish a positive rapport with your horse

Spending quality time with your horse will strengthen your friendship and boost his interest in you. He will like spending time with you and accompanying you on rides.

Enhance your horse’s well-being

Always make an effort to eliminate your horse’s training aids and replace them with more friendly equipment. Your horse’s enjoyment of riding will be greatly enhanced if comfortable.

Be patient and calm

When working with horses, things will not always go your way. Try to be calm, patient, and understanding when this occurs. It will be much appreciated by your horse.

Make sure your horse is in good form

Horses in good physical shape will carry their riders more readily and enjoy the workout more. Make sure your horse has enough muscle strength and stamina for the amount of work you’re doing.

Friendship, foraging, and self-sufficiency

These three components are essential for any horse’s health. Allow plenty of turnout in the company of other horses during non-riding hours, and feed a forage-based diet to your horse. Horses who have a pleasant existence and are mentally well are more likely to appreciate being ridden.