Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association

Orangeville, Ontario September 11th, 2010
Breeder's Parade ~ Destination Equitation

The Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association participated in the Breeder's Parade downtown on the main street of Orangeville, Ontario. The weather was fabulous and we were thrilled to have 12 Paso Fino horses in the parade. Thanks to all who came out - Camilla Willings on Mercenario, Victoria Poe riding Querica, Denise Chandler & Spirit, Diane Vollick & Delasandra, Marijean Harris on Cavaliero, Emma Pierson & Teodosio, Luis Carbajal & Mango, Fernando Gonzales & Temerario, Angie Trumpler and Pianola, Helen Notzl & Franchesca, Walter Keyser & Musica QC, Sue Campbell & Sensacion QC, Tiana Battersby Campbell (on her Rocky Mountain mare CCF Felicity Jane).

Leslie Town has a web gallery of parade photos as well.

You can also see our gaited friends, the Iceland horses.

Camilla performed her Wind Rider Challenge at the Agricultural Fairgrounds and you can catch her video performance here, thanks to Darcy Grube for putting that together for us.

Thanks to junior member, Emma Pierson, for demonstrating a Paso Fino (Fleco de Oro) with us on Sunday! Horse Spirit Connections also used a Paso Fino in their workshop session. Victoria Poe says the Paso Finos are very popular for this work. Destination Equitation Organizors are discussing he possibility of us having a Gaited Horse show during this event next year... stay tuned for details as they develop. Camilla and Mercy

Camilla performing her new routine

Jennifer Tarrant and Camilla

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