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VictoriaWhat colour are Paso Finos?
Paso Fino Horses can be any colour: bay, palomino, gray, black, brown, pinto, buckskin, chestnut and grulla.

How big are Paso Finos?
Paso Fino Horses stand 13.2 hands high to 15.2 hands high, with the average size being 14 to 14.2 hh.

What are they used for in Canada?
Paso Fino Horses in Canada are used for trail riding, endurance, showing, gaming, parades and cattle penning. Some of members show their horses in the United States, at pointed shows held by other regions under the Paso Fino Horse Association, our parent association.

What are their dispositions like?
These horses are sensitive, intelligent, willing and people loving horses. In temperament, the Paso Fino is sprightly, gay, regal and gentle. This breed is distinguished by its extraordinary brio, a word referring to vigor, spontaneous spirit and fire. There are various manifestations of brio in the purebred horse: to the rein, to the ear, and to the leg. Brio to the rein is the willingness or nimbleness a horse shows at any movement of the rein, without needing demands from the heel. Brio to the ear denotes a horse that responds to any sound produced by its rider. Brio to the heel or leg is response to the slightest pressure. It is not uncommon for this breed of horse to exhibit all three types of brio.

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