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2012 Central Canada Paso Fino Pointed Show
Sunday, August 5, 2012

Excitement is building for the 'Canadian Paso Classic' horse show!

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Come see the Paso Fino horse, one of the most exciting equine breeds in North America! The 'Canadian Paso Classic' horse show will be held at the Ancaster Agricultural Fairgrounds (630 Trinity Rd, Jerseyville, Ancaster, Ontario - see Google map) on Sunday, August 5th starting at 9:00 am. This will be a Paso Fino Horse Association sanctioned show hosted by the Central Canada PFHA, a region of the PFHA. The PFHA sponsors an annual Grand National Championship show and this year's show will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky on October 7th to the 13th 2012. Horses must qualify to compete at the National show by accumulating the required points at the regional shows, so the Canadian Paso Classic will give Canadian Paso Fino owners the chance to qualify for the Grand National Championship without having to cross the border. The CCPFHA region has enlisted professional PFHA judges Karen Cabic and Shaw Laney to officiate at the show. Spectators will enjoy a festive Latin atmosphere that will include delicious food and the opportunity to see "the smoothest riding horse in the world".

At the show, the Paso Fino horses will be judged in various divisions based upon the horse’s natural ability and spectators will be able to see Paso Finos exhibiting fino, performance and pleasure gaits:

Classic Fino division: The only gait performed is the Classic Fino gait. Gait is fully collected, with very slow forward speed, very rapid footfall and stride is exceedingly short. The Classic Fino gait is an evenly spaced, four-beat lateral gait that is smooth, animated, exciting and executed with brilliance and style. Flexion and extension should be harmonious in all four legs. The horse must present a picture of symmetry and fluidness of motion. The horse must perform this highly collected form of the gait naturally and willingly.

Performance division: The gaits performed are collected Corto, collected Largo, and collected Walk. Performance gaits are executed with brilliant style, and collection. The horse is collected, fully balanced and exhibiting symmetry in flexion and extension. The extension is longer and the footfall not as rapid as shown in the Classic Fino gait. The horse should demonstrate pride, style, elegance and enthusiasm, along with good manners and ready response.

Pleasure division: The gaits performed are mildly collected Corto, mildly-collected Largo, and flat-footed Walk. Pleasure gaits are executed with mild collection, moderate extension, style, and willingness. The horse’s head carriage is natural and relaxed. The gaits should be fluid showing no tendency to labor or become "strung out" Manners and obedience of the horse are particularly important. The horse should be controlled with minimal restraint and the rider should appear to be enjoying themselves.

Bellas Formas division: The gaits performed are a Corto or Classic Fino gait. The horse is shown in hand by either one or two handlers. Conformation, gait and manners/finish are judged.

Competitors will be able to choose from pointed classes sanctioned by the PFHA or fun classes:

Pointed Classes:

  1. Bella Forma, Open horses yearling to 3yo
  2. Bella Forma, Open, horses 4yo and older
  3. Bella Forma Championship
  4. Pleasure, Open, Schooling (colts, fillies, geldings 3-4yo)
  5. Pleasure Mares, Open
  6. Pleasure Geldings, Open
  7. Pleasure Stallions, Open
  8. Pleasure, Amateur Owner
  9. Pleasure Junior and Sub-Junior
  10. Pleasure Championship
  11. Country Pleasure
  12. Versatility
  13. Trail
  14. Performance, Open, Schooling (colts, fillies, geldings 3-4yo)
  15. Performance Mares, Open
  16. Performance Geldings, Open
  17. Performance Stallions, Open
  18. Performance, Amateur Owner
  19. Performance Junior and Sub-Junior
  20. Performance Championship
  21. Equitation, junior and subjunior
  22. Fino, Open, Schooling (colts, fillies, geldings 3-4yo)
  23. Fino Mares, Open
  24. Fino Geldings and Stallions, Open
  25. Fino, Amateur Owner
  26. Fino Junior and Sub-Junior
  27. Fino Championship

Non-Pointed Classes:

  1. Halter
  2. Champagne Class
  3. Equitation Open
  4. Largo Race
  5. Open Gaited Challenge
  6. Judge’s Request
  7. Potato Race
  8. Costume
  9. Western Pleasure with lope

The CCPFHA is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote the Canadian Paso Fino horse. Anyone interested in sponsoring a class at the 2012 Canadian Paso Classic can contact Marijean Harris at forestgaitfarm@gmail.com or Camilla Willings at for additional information. More information about the Central Canada PFHA region and the Canadian Paso Classic show can be found at www.centralcanadapfha.com

Notes From Camilla:

We will have High Point Awards and great prizes to make it even more fun!!

If you have any items you wish to donate to the club for prizes, please send them to myself or Jeannie before the show or bring them to the show, THANKS!!


1. Make sure you have your OEF membership. (to renew or register, visit http://horse.on.ca/)
2. Make sure you have 2012 PFHA membership (to renew or register: http://www.pfha.org/). You can also pay your PFHA fees right on your PFHA SHow Entry Form.
3. Your paso fino must be registered with PFHA to be shown.
4. For A/O (amateur owner) classes, your horse must be registered in your name (or family's name).
5. If you do not already have an amateur owner card and you wish to show in A/O classes, fill out the Amateur Owner form and include in your registration.
6. Photocopy your horse's registration papers (front and back!!) and include with your registration.
7. If you wish points earned in Open classes to be assigned to your A/O you must notify secretary in writing before the show begins. (ie. if you show your pleasure mare in "A/O Pleasure Mares" and "Pleasure Mares", then also enter the Open Championship, as there is no A/O championship class, but you want any points earned to be designated to A/O Pleasure Mares category... then notify secretary).
8. If your horse is schooling age (born in 2008 or 2009), enter them in the schooling classes, not the open classes. You can also enter them in the A/O classes, but you must notify secretary that your horses is schooling age and points should be designated to their age group. You can also go in the championship classes.
9. Don't forget to book a tack stall if you need it (can share with friend(s)). Also order shavings if you need them. And book a campsite if you need it. All the price info is on the Show Information Form.
10. This is not a USEF sanctioned show, so ignore that portion on the Show entry form.
11. Please note there was a typo on last class list, the class list on the events page is the correct one.
12. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what to wear, what you can show in, etc... (finavistafarm@hotmail.com)
13. Horses above schooling age must wear a bit.
14. horses' shoes are optional. However, if your horse does wear shoes, they MUST be flat unweighted shoes without clips or embellishments and they MUST wear 4 shoes with same shoes on all 4 feet.
15. Any questions about PFHA rules? check out the rule book on the PFHA site.
16. This is a double judge- double points show. This means that entry fee per class is per judge. It also means that the judges score separately and you will receive a separate placement per judge (ie, you could win 1st and 3rd in same class). Also, points are designated per judge, with 6 points for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for 5th and 1 for 6th. Championship classes are double points per judge, and points and placements only go to 4th (and HM which gets no points). All junior classes are double points. SO, for example if you win under one judge and get 2nd from the other in pleasure mares, and then you go in Pleasure Championship and get a 3rd and 4th... you will receive 6 + 5 + 8 + 6 points for a total of 25 points in the category of Pleasure Mares. To show in any class at Nationals you need a minimum of 20 points to qualify, so you will be able to enter Pleasure Mares at Nationals with your accrued points from just this show!

That's enough info for now... let me know if you have any questions... Camilla Willings Fina Vista Farm Damascus, Ontario, Canada 519-848-6326 www.finavistafarm.ca

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