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Mansfield Trail Ride 2010

Trail ride in MansfieldMansfield, Ontario - June 4th to 6th, 2010

We had great weather for our 10th annual CCPFHA trail ride at the Mansfield Outdoor Center, in the Dufferin County Forest. The horses were mostly Paso Finos, but we also had a Rocky, a Canadian (seen in front on right, obliterating the Pasos), and a quarter horse.

Electric fencing was installed which involved pounding in T-bars and stringing electric rope to create individual paddocks. Thanks to our hardworking CCPFHA volunteers, everything was ready for the horses' arrival later that evening. We booked dinner at the local restaurant in Mansfield and had a great meal with good friends.

The Saturday ride started around 10:30 a.m. after the traditional photo of all the riders was taken in front of the Outdoor Centre. The ride was then divided into a slow and fast group that later met at a 'pit stop' around noon, for a brown bag lunch, provided by a crew of 'cook' volunteers. The horses had water from the barrels which were put in place earlier in the day. Fortunately, most of the ride took place in the shade of the forest, so the warm day wasn't really an issue. The sandy twisting trails provide excellent footing with lots of interesting hilly terrain and beautiful views.

We have been using GPS units lately so we don't get lost as often in the 15,000 acres of forest! Camilla and Gypsy couldn't stand the medium speed ride so she, and half the group tore off on a speedy ride round the forest Sunday afternoon. Loads of fun! On return to the centre, the horses were hosed down, and put away.

We hadn't booked a speaker this year, but Simone Ross volunteered to give us an impromptu lecture on 'Clicker Training Horses'. She had spent many years teaching and working with dogs and has recently begun using her knowledge to train horses. Thanks Simone! You are an awesome speaker and the lecture was fascinating.

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Mansfield Trail ride

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