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2009 Doors Open - Meet the Breed Day

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Hi CPFHA members.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people who helped make the CCPFHA "Open House - Meet the Breed" event at Forest Gait Farm such a success.

FiestaFirst of all, I'd like to express a huge thank you to The Harris family (and I do mean the whole family! Jeannie of course, but also Gord (my kids love you!), Eric, Ingrid, Cathy, James). Forest Gait Farm is absolutely beautiful and I know how hard they worked to get it ship-shape for this event. It was a big undertaking, and then also to throw a lovely potluck dinner at the house afterwards was icing on a great cake!

Thanks also to all the hard workers that day, especially MaryJane McElvey (who made delicious wraps and goodies which she sold along with drinks, to help pay for our fantastic DJ!).

Thanks to our wonderful announcer, who sounded great thanks to the DJ's sound system, Jan Kay. and our great DJ, J.P., who made it a party with fabulous Latin Music. Thanks to the demo riders and their horses, including Jo Seggie and Fiesta, Lynda Smith and Alondra, Katharine Creery and Kitani, Jeannie Harris and Cavaliero, Diane Vollick and Delasandra, and Mercenario and Pianola from Fina Vista Farm.

Thanks to all the members who came and helped out... like Janet Grant, Leslie Town (the photographer) and Casey O'Sullivan, Richard Roy, Victoria Poe, Margaret Lauber, Kate Smith, Denise Chandler, David Ross, Jan Kay, Mary Schweyer, Tara Jenkins, Gaye Spicer, Klara Latif, I am sure there is more than my addled brain can keep track of.... thank you thank you!

Thanks also to all the other folks that came and pitched in, like Cathy and Karen from Forest Gait Farm, MJ's friends Sarah, Adrienne, Gracie and Cassie and everybody else... thank you!!!

Senior riding Paso FinoWe had loads of happy paso smiles going around. The weather certainly did not put anyone off... It seemed liked everyone wanted a test ride! My personal fave was the lovely 88 year-old gentleman who talked his son into letting him have a test ride on the lovely Pia, even though he last rode a horse 70 years ago in Holland! He had a huge Paso grin and said it was one of the best days he has had in ages. :)

We had lots of demos, lots of test rides, lots of pony rides, showed gaiting, versatility, jumping, pole bending, champagne class, ribbon class, and even played with horse soccer ball (Cavaliero was awesome at that! Pia even started giving it a pretty good kick).

Fun day and as the mission was spreading the word about the wonderful Paso Fino Horse... Mission accomplished. :) good work everyone.

Camilla Willings - 2008/2009 President of the CCPFHA
Fina Vista Farm
Damascus, Ontario

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