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Mansfield Trail Ride 2008

Mansfield, Ontario - June 6th & 7th, 2008

We had another very hot June weekend for the 8th annual CCPFHA trail ride at the Mansfield Outdoor Center, in the Dufferin County Forest. This ride is growing in popularity as there were aproximately 30 riders participating, some on Paso Finos, but many on other types of horses as well.

To prepare for the ride, electric fencing was installed which involved pounding in T-bars and stringing electric rope to create individual paddocks. It was a big job in the hot sun, but thanks to the CCPFHA volunteers, everything was ready for the horses' arrival later that evening.

Wendy and Pachanga

The Saturday ride started around 10:30 a.m. after the traditional photo of all the riders was taken in front of the Outdoor Centre. The ride was then divided into a slow and fast group that later met at a 'pit stop' around noon, for a brown bag lunch, provided by the Centre. The horses had water from the barrels which were put in place earlier in the day. Fortunately, most of the ride took place in the shade of the forest, so the warm day wasn't really an issue. The sandy twisting trails provide excellent footing with lots of interesting hilly terrain and beautiful views. On return to the centre, the horses were hosed down, and some of the riders cooled off in the nearby Pine River.

Before dinner, a couple of ladies from OTRA taught us how to make a 'picket line' - a line stretched between two trees to which you tie your horse. This is a safe and practical tying method while camping with a horse. The volunteer horse was 'Belleza' of Forest Gait farm.

Dinner consisted of tasty barbecue chicken and after dinner, there was a campfire. Those that were too tired to go to the campfire, retired early to the cosy log cabins. Sunday's ride was a replay of Saturday's ride, only shorter.

Everyone seemed to have a great time at the ride, and hopefully this great horsey weekend will continue to be a success in future years.

Many thanks to the crew of helpers for setting up the electric fencing ahead of time, and for staying behind to take them down.

Marijean Harris, Trail Ride Committee

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